Anger Management

Anger is a very normal emotion which most people experience at some time in their lives. It is nature’s way of empowering people to protect themselves against a perceived threat or attack.

Anger may have stemmed from your childhood experiences or certain situations may trigger your anger. It may be that you are dealing with lots of other problems in your life, such as a break up, grief or problems at work which may result in you feeling more angry than usual

When anger gets out of control it can become a problem and this is when is harms you and/or other people in your life. If you regularly express anger through destructive behaviour then it is having a negative effect on your life.

It can have many negative consequences on work, relationships, driving, causing road rage and can have a negative effect on your quality of life and those around you.

If you are struggling to control your feelings of anger, this in itself can have a negative effect on your self esteem and can be very stressful, leading to depression, anxiety, sleep problems or problems with addictions.

Anger can also cause an increase in blood pressure as adrenalin is pumped through the body and by using hypnotherapy it can help you change the way you think or behave in difficult situations.  By recognising anger and stressful situations you learn how to cope with those emotions and solve problems without lashing out, shouting or using violence.

By learning to manage the negatives in your life, you can learn to control your anger and hypnotherapy can be very effective in learning how to do this.


Just think what it would be like to stay calm and in control, whatever is causing your anger, hypnotherapy can help you break free from your problems, help you manage your anger and the negative effect that it is having on your life.