Low Self Esteem/Confidence

Do you suffer from low self-esteem, lack of confidence, feeling worthless, shy and uncomfortable?  Is this affecting your relationship, your career?  Are you overly sensitive to criticism, feel like a failure, feel negative about yourself, always wishing your life was better?

If so, hypnotherapy can help you change these self-beliefs and negative thoughts about yourself, through hypnosis you can be empowered to have more positive feelings about yourself, helping your self-esteem and confidence.

These beliefs very often stem from childhood, being bullied for example, and is usually shaped by situations or experiences that have happened in the past.

We all have times when we don’t feel good about ourselves but when it becomes a long-term problem, it really does have a negative effect on us and on our lives.

When our self-esteem is low, we tend to see ourselves in a more negative and critical way and find facing challenges much more difficult.  This can have a negative affect on our mental help, leading to problems like depression or anxiety. You may find you develop other problems to ‘help you through’ difficult times such as smoking or drinking.

Self-confidence is something that can be developed and learned and hypnotherapy has high success rates for helping people gain more confidence and feel more positive and comfortable with themselves.


During hypnosis, in a relaxing and safe way, we look for the root cause of the problem and find ways to resolve it by reaching into the unconscious mind, changing old beliefs by modifying belief systems and replacing negative thought patterns with positive ones.  Using visualisation and other techniques, the aim is to encourage positive self-belief and promote positive thoughts that reduce negative self-talk.

In a relaxed state, your subconscious mind is more susceptible to accept suggestions to change, aiming to encourage self belief and increase self-esteem.

This can change your life.Anger Management